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Saddest Love Story I Ever Read Via Text With Unhappy Ending!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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The following story is a short love story, which is exciting on one side but also quite tragic on the other. This is also a real story, so if you are a sensitive story, you will probably be in tears at the end of the story. The entire story happened via text between a girl and a boy. What happens at the end will be revealed the end. You will realize then that this story is one of the saddest love stories of all times.

1 Conversation Started

2 Lovely Replies

3 Caring

4 Cute Bonding

5 True Feelings

6 Emoticon Means A lot.

7 Excitement

8 Real Love

9 Scared Girl

10 And The Sad Truth Is That

11 Waiting

12 And Her Wish

13 She Wanted Him At 4

14 Yes She Also loved Him Truly

15 And Her last Reply

16 Poor Boy!

17 His Memories With Her

18 And She Couldnt Reply Him

19 Saddest End of The Story!

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