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Watch What Happens When She Puts Garlic In Her Ear

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Garlic has great medicinal values. It contains a component called Allicin, which is responsible for the distinct smell of garlic. It is the reason for medicinal benefits of garlic. We use garlic cloves in different forms like chopped, crushed or chewed for various health benefits.

1 Healing Power Of Garlic

Garlic is used in practically every tasty food, but did you know it can HEAL your body as well? Never mind the smell it will leave on your ear, you'll feel better after doing this!

2 The Cure-All

Once you place garlic in your ear you'll begin to feel heat from the garlic, which will instantly heal inflammation, headaches, fevers, and earaches.

3 Earache

Place a clove of garlic in your ear and leave it overnight, as we're sure you would feel like a brand new person when you wake up!

4 Cough Syrup

You can also remove an irritating cough by ingesting garlic when mixing it with honey. Taking the mixture every two hours will alleviate any a cough and help you breathe much easier!

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