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Woman Arrested After Killing Boyfriend Who Fake Proposed As An April Fools Prank

by Qunki Team | wtf
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April Fools Day is considered to be a special day when anyone can play simple pranks on anyone else. However, sometimes these pranks can go extremely wrong, as has been exhibited by this woman named Lisa, who murdered her boyfriend due to a prank he played.


A 31 year old woman, Lisa Estevez from New York is currently in jail and has been charged with murder after she shot her boyfriend who pranked her on April Fools Day.


Lisa shot her boyfriend Ray Jordan, who was 25 years old, right in the chest. According to the authorities, this incident occurred due to a prank that Ray played on Lisa. They have been in a relationship for 3 years, and on April Fools Day, Ray proposed to her with an engagement ring box. However, when Lisa opened it, she found a note inside on which April Fools was written without any ring. Lisa became furious, and got hold of his firearm and instantly shot him in the chest.


Neighbours called the police after they heard the gunshot. According to NYPD officer James Patterson, they found Mr. Jordans dead body on the floor when they arrived. Then they turned to the side and saw the box with the note and realised what has happened.


They found Lisa in the bathroom watching videos on YouTube about how to hide corpses. She didnt notice the police come in. The police arrested her even before she completed her task in the toilet.

Lisa is currently in jail and will probably have to stay in prison for 40 years.

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