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Wisdom Teeth Dental Scam & Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Wisdom teeth, which mostly appear in people in their twenties, are also known as the Third Molars. They are located completely at the back.


The American Journal of Public Health recently released a report which claims that wisdom teeth removals come with various side effects and that more than 65% of the tooth removal procedures done aren't required at all. This means that only 20 out of approximately 10 million wisdom teeth removal procedures in America every year, are necessary.

2 The fact that wisdom teeth can lead to various diseases is false.

You have to look at this from the eyes of the dental industry. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the biggest cash earners for this industry amounting to around 1 billion dollars per year. Dr. Weston A. Priceis one of the most profound researchers on this subject. He discovered that native tribes, who used to consume only natural food items, never had to face any tooth decay. Hence, it can be understood that not only dental health but the health of our body depends on our diet.

This is the basis of holistic dentistry which tries to provide the necessary nutrition to the jawbone without attempting any form of surgery to fix dental problems. Hence, wisdom teeth won't cause any problem if your diet is fine.

3 Dr. Weston Price also discovered that the condition of the teeth of these tribes started deteriora

Jay Friedman, a California-based dental consultant also found out that only 33% of all wisdom tooth extractions were actually required. Most of the patients would have been fine even if those teeth were not extracted.

4 The teeth are living organs connected to the brain, and are critical to the proper functioning of

In Chinese medicine, the meridian acupuncture system plays a vital role in the connection between the teeth and the joints, vertebrae, spinal cord, and glands. Moreover, it is also connected to the digestive system and pituitary gland.

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