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Snapchat’s Most Barbaric and Brutal Replies

by Qunki Team | funny
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Snapchat is just one of those messaging apps on a whole other level. People are somewhat shameless in the pics and videos that they actually send since they feel the picture will disappear, but in reality it is a no-brainer to save pics and all that. And because of this, it is known as one of the harshest chat programmes out there.

1 Ouch


This is one way you would not like to find out that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

2 Missing out


A good way to cover up and hint at at the same time!

3 Trash


Its a pity that person wasnt home, they seemed to need more trash in their home!

4 Ben Franklin


That is one serious mullet that looks like he falling asleep. That is why a photo had to be taken ad edited!

5 Creepy!


Its never fun to see how people actually imagine your face or wo you are you arent that bad are you?

6 Friends


This is why you should never let friends take photos of you.

7 HerBivore


Well, this guy tried really hard to have some humour on snapchat. He may have failed, but at least he tried.

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