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This Woman Was In Labor And The BF Got Married To Someone Else

by Qunki Team | wtf
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We all hear love stories, we watch romantic movies, and we even read about people falling in love. And this pop culture of looking for love is all dreams and fairy tales of the Happily ever after idea. What most of us forget about is the fact that we live in the real world, and people can be horrible and hurt you really badly. Even life happens that makes things so much more complicated. And having a baby can make things a lot more difficult, even though it is actually a beautiful thing. But some people don't see it that way. For this poor woman who had a baby while the father snuck around behind her back and then married someone else. It is a horrible thing to do. But read on for the full heartbreaking story.

1 The Couple

In the Dominican Republic, a match made in heaven was made by Heather McGillion and Adonis Rodriguez. The miraculously met at a hotel they both worked at. And after they met, the chemistry was amazing. But you will be surprised at what happens to them.

2 A year later

About a year later, the happy news of Heather falling pregnant pressed on a happy future and a growing family. They had decided that they wanted their family to grow up on a Caribbean island. A future and dream that could be real.

3 Bad signs

After a few months into their relationship, Heather had already started to notice that her man had a new friend on Facebook who he started to chat to more and more. A German tourist named Julia who she completely forgot about when she discovered her pregnancy

4 Complications

Heather had a few pregnancy complications, which forced her to return to her home in Scotland until she gave birth to her baby. It must have been difficult to leave her man behind because he couldn't get a visa.

5 Dreams Shattered

Heather soon received a Facebook message from a friend of hers that shattered her heart and soul. This picture you see below is of Adonis holding another woman who is wearing a white wedding dress. Heather sadly says that When I opened the message it felt like I had been hit by a double-decker bus.

6 The Scandal

The woman in the picture is none other than the German Tourist known as Julia! Apparently about every six months or so she would visit Adonis. This was her Fourth visit and they actually got married. We had only been apart for a few weeks and there was no way Adonis could have met another woman and arranged a wedding in less than a month, Heather said.

7 The Now

When I phoned Adonis and asked Why is Julia in a wedding dress? There was a pause, and then he said: Heather, I'm so sorry, said Heather. Her mother had moved to the Dominican Republic after retiring, so Heather went with her because she felt that despite what Adonis had done to her, the baby was still innocent and deserved to have a father.

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