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by Qunki Team | funny

Engineering is one of the most popular subjects in today's world. Almost every teenager is pursuing some engineering stream in their universities. And due to this influx of so many engineers, the average quality of engineers in today's world is less than mediocre. Engineering comes with many responsibilities. We are humans, so it's common sense that we will make mistakes, but when those mistakes become fatal, it is no longer accepted. Take a look at the top 10 engineering mistakes of all times. I am sure you will get a good laugh from them.


Never wash your hands here, or you are going to get a nasty shock. This engineering mistake is extremely fatal and can even cause death.


Parents always tell their kids to concentrate on one task at a time. Apparently, this engineer never listened to that advice and thought it would be a very good idea if he started building both the wall and stairs together. And you can obviously see the results.


These mistakes are the reason why we have rail accidents. An engineering mistake is no longer forgivable if it might take lives.


I am not sure what that balcony is doing there? Well, we probably can't climb there, but maybe it was built for Spiderman?


We have all heard of the term falling from windows, but have you ever heard falling window? Well, now you have seen it. I must admit that this is an engineering mistake, but it does add a certain style to the building.


Who built this ATM up there? Must be some gigantic person. And now we common persons have to suffer. Well, maybe this struggle will give us a lesson about how valuable money is.


Finally, a house where you can commit suicide easily. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the suicide door! The architects probably had this in mind while designing the house, and that is why you have a door which leads to nowhere, so you just open it, go out, fall and die. Suicide made easy.


Once again, these mistakes happens when planning isn't done beforehand. While designing these bridges, you need to check at every step whether the alignment is perfect or not. Apparently, these engineers didn't want to waste that time. It will be interesting to see what they do next.


While some people might consider this to be a mistake, it isnt one. It is built for the emergencies and needless to say; it is quite innovative.


This time I am forced to say that whoever is responsible for this is a complete idiot. Some people might think that this is a mistake, but these things don't happen due to mistakes, these occur when you are a great fool.


Planning is considered to be one of the most important aspects of architecture. And this is what happens when someone doesn't plan properly first. You can't just start building something instantly especially when you have undertaken such a big project; you need to think about every consecutive step first and then start building.

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