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Hilarious Tweets From Women That Will Save Entire Humanity

by Qunki Team | others
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Ah! Yes there are female comedians who sparkle on the social media with their sassy responses to everyday situations. If you have missed their wise cracks, then better subscribe to the latest with these scandalous memes and tweets. You will fall off your seat laughing.

What She Loved
Racist Ghost
Men Experiencing Consequences
Kids And Sandwiches
All Female Reboot
Highschool Boyfriend
Trash Bag
Audio Meth
Real Woman
Read Your Cardio
Emotional Presidency
Game Of Thrones
Carpal Tunnel
Doggy Montage
Big Day
Mermaid Friends
Party Muffins
The New Cat Call
Sick Pigeon
Scale Of Confusion
Osteen Approach
Emotional Labor
Grape Cockroach
Childless Carbon Footprint
Costume Idea
Creamy Optimism
Unborn Baby Earth
Voting Showings
Distilled News
Jeff Sessions
Fax Paperwork
Feeding My Insecurities
Lunch With Mom
Female Cabinet
First Predator
Social Currency
Funny Female Tweets
May I
Funny Twitter Posts
Funny Women Tweets
Government Trailer
Happy International Men Day
Trump Tweets
Strong Password
Pringle Ladies
Mark Of Adulthood
My Cutting Scissors
New Survey
No Dentist Appointment Goes Unpunished
Packed Lunch
Rom Com
Shopping For Women
Stress Into Electricity
Daytime Batman
What You Hate
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