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She Died After Prom. Then Her Friends Decided To Do THIS With Her Dress. This is Inspiring

by Qunki Team | uplifting
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Catherine died soon after her prom night. Her friends thought of an excellent plan to honor her memory.

1 Catherine Malatesta

The above picture is a young girl named Catherine Malatesta who was taken on her prom day. The picture depicts how excited she is about prom. However, she was suffering from a terrible disease – stage 4 cancer when this photo was captured.

2 She Was A Special Exception For A Day

Since prom night was an important event for Catherine, the doctors allowed her to attend the prom for one night. Prom night is an extremely important event for every girl, and Catherine was no exception.

3 Back To Hospital

After the prom night, Catherine was again back to the hospital since she required immediate treatment. She fought cancer for another three months, after which she, unfortunately, passed away. Her friends were grief-stricken and decided to do something to honor her memory, and that is when they thought of an excellent plan.

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4 The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Prom Dress

Her friends came up with an excellent plan, they would share the dress among themselves, each person wearing the dress once. She had friends who stayed in different places of America so that prom dress was transferred Massachusetts to Rhode Island, back to Massachusetts and finally to California. The above picture is of Jillian, who wore the dress the first time.

5 A Brilliant Way To Keep Her In Memory

It is an unfortunate event that she passed away at such an early age. But I am sure that she enjoyed her life a lot considering the great friends that she had who came up with such a brilliant plan to honor her and keep her alive in their memories. This is the only glimmer of hope one can get from this tragic story.

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