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Girl Wakes To Painful Purple Face, Warns Of Avoidable Thing That Caused It

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Molly is a beautiful girl staying in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who recently experienced a horrible incident. One fine morning, when she woke up, she felt immense pain and found that purple blotches were present all over her face. She is now trying to warn others so that they don't have to face a similar incident.

This 23-year-old girls face was one of the gorgeous faces in the world till that event. She had a YouTube channel where she posted videos about beauty tips. The last video she posted wars people how to avoid the mistakes she did so that they don't become victims of a similar incident.

There was a port wine stain mark on the side of Molly's face during her birth. Throughout her life, she has hidden that mark using makeup and has been quite successful. However, sometimes people did get to see it, and they used to ask her how she got the mark, which was quite irritating and frustrating for Molly.

Finally, she went to a doctor regarding possible solutions and came to know that since the birthmark was located close to her eye, there was a chance that it might lead to glaucoma in future. This made Molly decide to get rid of the mark via surgery.

She thought that a simple surgery would make her even more beautiful but alas, disaster struck when the third stage of the laser surgery was being performed. This same surgery is used to remove body hair and tattoos and is widely used by people all over the world. The doctor allotted to Molly was well trained as well.

The first two stages were performed without any hiccup, but the last one was performed by one of the interns.

The doctor was still present and was keeping track of the entire procedure, but naturally, the intern wasn't so well versed in the job. After half the job was finished, Molly suddenly opened her eyes since she was feeling immense pain and knew that the intern has committed a mistake.

She reported to Opposing Views that there were bruises all over the face, even in locations other than the birthmark. She was crying and felt nauseous.

The pain lingered for several weeks, and Molly decided to look for a new surgeon to fix this problem. This time, she was careful about the surgeon that she chose. She said that she should have done the same thing the first time, but wasn't careful. Reconstructive surgery was the only option to restore her face to its initial condition.

Almost a year has passed after that event. Several surgeries were done, and finally, Molly is now feeling fine, although there are still scars on her face. She hides those by makeup, which means that she has again gone back to the first stage where she used makeup to hide the wine stain. Recently, she shared this story with her fans, hoping that they won't fall prey to such incidents and careless cosmetic surgeons. She advises that if you find that the price is too low, there must be some problem during the procedure, so it's better to avoid that.

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