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Things You Will Only Find at a Chinese Walmart

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Chinese Walmart is crazy beyond all imagining. Take a look at a few of their most unusual products.

1 Want to take a look inside this Chinese Walmart?

Though the outside view is not all that impressive, we assure you that Chinese Walmart is one of the strangest places on earth!

2 Mixed Meat Aisle

3 Crocodiles on ice

Whole crocodiles and sharks, live frogs, fat guy underwear, and powdered horse milk are just a few of the crazy things you might find at a Chinese Walmart.

4 Heres a crazy product: A stunning dried squid

This squid is beautiful and terrifying all at once. The products they carry at Chinese Walmart almost seem unbelievable at times.

5 Live turtles and frogs

It seems pretty likely that these animals probably arent intended to be sold as pets.

6 Shark Heads

7 Diet water? Scam alert!

Water has zero calories already, so is diet water negative calories?

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