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Texts from mom: 11 instances when moms are unintentionally funny (or not)

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Texts from mom: 11 instances when moms are unintentionally funny (or not)

Moms adapting to New Age technology is the funniest and the cutest thing ever. From not getting a hang of smartphone controls, still learning the emoticon language to finally proving they may be ancient, but not stupidhere are 11 times when texts from moms potentially result in hilarity.


2 When moms just dont understand how to use a smartphone.

3 When moms send out too much love.

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4 When moms overestimate their children.

5 When moms fall prey to autocorrect.

6 When moms get fooled.

7 When moms make pop culture references like teenagers.

8 When moms display a morbid sense of humour.

9 When moms joke.

10 When moms combine their love of feeding their children and their knowledge of their children.

11 When moms pretend to be their daughter, but really are up to all their mom tricks.

12 When moms get real.

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