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One-Year-Old Boy Gets Beaten Up By Babysitter, Parents Recieve No Support From The Law

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Recently, a terrible incident has occurred where a babysitter hit and abused a one-year-old infant, named Jacob, in Oregon. Joshua Marbury, his father, posted this on Facebook since he didn't receive any help from the law to put the criminal in jail.

The post tells the story of how Joshua had to watch his child in pain and law couldn't do anything to curb the babysitter's actions.

1 Joshua wrote,

Around two months ago, a babysitter hit my one-year-old kid's right face with immense force. It was so intense that we had to visit many doctors and was told that there was a chance that he might have been killed.

His the post has gone viral and has even been shared on other networking sites with the hashtag #JusticeForJacob.

2 So what exactly happened?

When Joshua and his wife, Alicia, returned home, they found that Jacob was crying and the babysitter was sleeping. They didn't realise anything at that time, but next morning, they understood that Jacob had several bruises and indications of abuse on his face.

Initially, the babysitter didn't confess, but later told the police that he did drop the baby on the floor and even beat him.

But something went wrong afterwards. It turns out that there is a loophole in the law due to which the babysitter cant be punished despite confessing since Joshua's one-year-old toddler isn't capable of verbally verifying whether he was abused and whether he was hurt.


This is really unfortunate. We can only hope that these loopholes will be fixed soon so that similar events don't occur in future. Somehow, the law needs to put this abuser in jail for a long time for his crimes.

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