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FUNNIEST Texts Ever Sent Between Parents And Their Kids

by Qunki Team | others
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Most parents dont have knowledge about the recent technological advancements, social media sites etc. They try to blend in but sometimes these can lead to some awkward results. Take a look at these top funniest text conversations between parents and their kids.

1 So Weird

First of all, the mother has no idea how to text, or else he wouldnt have written LOL with divorce. Also, this conversation is so weird, and I dont really know what to say about the father who got a Swiffer on the anniversary.

2 Laughing At Her Great Aunt

Mom should have learnt first what lol means and then used it. Now she has to call a whole lot of people.

3 Mom keeps covering lens

The mother cant take pictures and always places her fingers on the lens blocking the view. The daughter tries to teach her but finally gives up.

4 Didnt get it

The daughter gave the answer correctly and still her mom isnt satisfied.

5 Her daughter owns Google

This mom thinks that her kid is the one who owns Google. This is hilarious!

6 Alternate version of wtf

The mom should have learnt first what wtf means. She just said wtf when her kid got A in chemistry!

7 How can she be sure?


The mom thinks her messages arent being sent. Even when people are replying to her text messages.

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