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Pictures With Most Interesting Backgrounds

by Qunki Team | others
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When the camera focuses on the things going on in the background rather than the picture to be taken, hilarious results ensue. It is always interesting to read between the lines and discover hidden messages through still photography.

1. When you skipped your morning coffee and do not notice your boss creeping up on you.


2. Happy to meet your best friend but her ex hovering over in the background.


3. When its supposed to be a cute picture but turns scary.

4. Your girl squad supporting you while your bf cheats on you.


5. The awkward moment when you steal someone’s thunder.

6. Been to drunk to give a damn.

7. Moments away from a water disaster.

8. Beauty sleep far too important.


9. When you spot a ghost on cam.

10. Your squad trying to spoil your prom date.

11. When you catch your stalker red handed.

12. All those hormones kicking in all at once.

13. Father’s back is the best bed.


14. Stealing your fashion moment.

15. When the girl you ask out for the dance poses for her crush.

16. Perfect romantic spoiler alert.

17. Never leave your kid alone with your husband’s gang.

18. Can’t help staring in love.


19. Too cute filter picture recreation with a stranger.


20. When your mom disapproves you kissing your gf.


21. I also want what you chugging down look.


22. When you miss your camera on a tourist spot.

23. Your evil roommate sneeking up on you.


24. When your family approves of your dating choice.

25. Your stalker watching your every move.


26. Kangaroo getting all naughty.


27. When you are cute and try to scare.


28. Your little brother accompanying you on dates.


29. When you can’t fit into the sexy group huddle.

30. Your best friend ruining your engagement pictures.


31. A family pictures going wrong on a teen beach spot.


32. When you are a cut above the rest.


33. You vs everyone else in their summer bod.


34. When you catch your mother following you on your dinner dates.

35. This is what I can pose better than you look like.

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