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Scientific Reasons Why You Should Have $ex Every Day,

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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How often we should have sex in a healthy relationship? Many people may have different opinions on this. But let us see what science says about it.

1 Having S-e-x Daily


Do you want to have s-e-x daily, but your partner refuses? Then you need to know these scientific reasons which might help you in convincing your partner to have daily s-e-x. According to several surveys, it has been seen that people who have s-e-x at least 4 times per week earn much more on an average. This can be attributed to overall happiness and less stress that s-e-x provides, which helps you in concentrating more at your office.

2 Health Benefits


This might come as a surprise to many, but s-e-x can actually make you feel younger and even help in losing weight, since it acts as cardio. Literally, every muscle in your body is involved when you are having s-e-x, which makes for a great exercise.

3 More close


When you have s-e-x, you get more comfortable with your partner physically, since you learn more about one another. This intimacy also helps you in getting closer mentally.

4 Live longer


Recent studies have shown that if you have more s-e-x, you will be able to live longer on an average. So if this doesnt motivate you to have more s-e-x, I dont know what else will!

5 Lower blood pressure


S-e-x can help in solving several heart problems as well since it aids in lowering your blood pressure.

6 All In The Semen


Semen contains several hormones such as oxytocin, thyrotropin, endorphins, prolactin, and estrone; this probably is the main reason behind rebound s-e-x.

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