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You Have Been Using Sanitary Pads Wrong Your Entire Life

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Are you using your sanitary pads in right way? If you are using it in wrong way, it won't get the effect you expect. Here is the proper way of using sanitary pads for better result

1 First, you need to unfold the sanitary towel after removing it from the package

how to use sanitary pads with pictures

2 Pull your underwear down till your knees while sitting on the toilet.

how to use sanitary pads youtube

3 Next, you need to reveal the adhesive present on the back of the towels by removing the strips.

advantages and disadvantages of using sanitary pads

For those towels with wings, one primary and two strips on the wings should be present.

4 With the adhesive part down, press the towels onto the crotch of the underwear.

importance of using sanitary pads

Next, fold the wings by the sides of the underwear’s crotch and the press them against the underneath of the underwear. For sanitary towels designed to be used with thong underwear, you need to keep the widest portion of the towel facing the underwear.

5 Make sure that the sanitary pads are located correctly.

is using sanitary pads safe. rash from using sanitary pads

When you pull up your underwear, the pads should cover your entire vag!na.

6 Make it a habit to check every 2 hours whether you need to change the sanitary towels.

use sanitary napkins during periods using sanitary napkins wrong

It’s quite easy to understand this –the surface of the towel will be wet, and it won’t be able to absorb anymore fluid.

7 Remember to fold the used towels the exact way they were present in the package.

using sanitary pads quickly using sanitary pads quietly

Before throwing them out, wrap them in toilet paper.

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