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30 Best Holiday Season Memes To Kick Off The Holiday Season Right

by Qunki Team | others
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This is the most wonderful time of the year when you create long-lasting memories with your loved ones. But some eccentric recollections find a way into the meme culture and stay on the internet forever. Below are such hilarious rib-tickling pictures from the Christmas season.

1. When Jesus sends you his Birthday notification.


2. Desperately waiting for Santa to show up with gifts.


3. Lights, bulbs and shiny decorations a purrfect recipe for disaster.

4. A live snowman in the backyard makes for the ideal Christmas decoration.

5. Work stress makes the holiday season a blink and miss affair.


6. A Nativity scene from the gym be like.


7. When you are a chubby kid at family gatherings and all your relatives want to pull your cheeks.


8. When your parents tell you Santa exists.

9. Foodies being all Merry when the Holiday season hits, and later being offended when all the festivities ends.


10. When you and your siblings fight over the gifts.

11. Roasted Marshmallows and hot chocolate, yess!

12. The neighbour does a decoration competition to be visible from the Moon.

13. Santa checking his naughty and nice list twice.


14. Some movies are meant to be a season turner.

15. When you take your work home for the holidays.

16. Us finding excuses to keep up with the New Year resolutions we kept last year.

17. Santa has the best job in the world!

18. When Black Friday and Holiday seasons hits you hard in the stores.

19. Brace yourself for the gift wrapping season.

20. Some get a little excited after Halloween.

21. No time to look at the accounts, I’m busy shopping for the Holiday season.

22. You being so excited that your Christmas decorations are up one month early.

23. As I wait for the Holiday season to just sit on the couch and chill.


24. When all the clubs and pubs have discounts for the year end parties.


25. I just won the ugly sweater competition.


26. When you max out your credit cards and now worry about the bill.

27. When you hate the snow and all the bright festivities around, you Grinch yourself!


28. You’re on a budget and want to send out gifts to everyone.


29. Time to hit the gym after the Merriment.


30. Holiday season sales and discounts be like, you try to hoard the whole store into your house.

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