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10 Ways Sleeping Without Clothes Can Benefit You

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
Home > lifestyle > 10 Ways Sleeping Without Clothes Can Benefit You

Sleeping in the buff is more than just a fun thing to do. It can actually benefit your health in many different ways.

1 Decreases Cortisol

A positive side effect of our bodies being allowed to cool at night is that it lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol can cause serious problems ranging from disrupted sleep cycles to serious weight gain.

2 Comfortable in Your Own Skin

We spend a lot of time trying to hide our imperfections. We dress our bodies in the right clothes to make us feel more secure about our bodies, however, sleeping naked will make you fully aware of your body, and therefore, you'll feel more comfortable with it.

3 Growth Hormones for a Healthier Body

Sleeping in the nude will help release growth hormones that do an impressive list of things including: promoting bone density, lowering risks of diabetes and heart disease, repairing tissue, building muscle, promoting a healthier body weight and stimulating the growth of internal organs as well as a healthier immune system.

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4 Colder Temps = Youthful Life

Keeping the temperature around 70 degrees while sleeping helps the anti-aging hormones and melatonin to do their job. Sleeping naked will keep you slightly cooler, and it could have a positive effect on your life overall.

5 Happy Together

If you sleep naked with your partner, that skin-on-skin contact will release some oxytocin. Oxytocin makes you happier, reduces social anxieties and helps with overall satisfaction.

6 Better Loving

In addition to being happier after this kind of sleep, you'll also be in the mood a lot more. The release of oxytocin will not only increase your s3xdrive, but it could offer up better orgasms!

7 Healthier Lady Business

Ladies, yeast infections are a pretty real risk. Sleeping in constricting clothes increases yeast as it thrives in warmer, moist conditions but by giving some air, your lady parts will stay cool and dry.

8 Better Reproductive Chances

Gentlemen, sleeping in cooler conditions is good for your reproductive parts too. Keeping your testes cool will keep your sperm healthy and functioning better.

9 Less Laundry

This is a humorous reason to consider sleeping in the nude, but its a pretty good point. Youll have one less set of clothes to wash each time once PJs are taken out of your regular equation.

10 Summer Sleep

Summertime can be unbearable, especially if you don't have a quality air conditioner. This can result in worse sleep because it's just too dang hot! Sleeping naked should help solve that, after all, its the one time of the day where you can be nude and no one can stop you.

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