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15 Secret Rules For Playboy Bunnies At The Mansion That Are Too Hard To Believe

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Have you ever wondered how it is like to be a Playboy bunny? Well, I can tell you that it is not easy at all. Most people think that the Playboy bunnies are rich women staying in a huge mansion. The truth is rather different, and there are several strict rules that one has to follow in that mansion. Take a look at these top 15 rules that every bunny has to adhere to.

1 Initiation:In order to become a Playboy bunny, it was essential to pass Hugh Hefners test.

2 Bedroom activities were a must for every girlfriend of Hef.

3 $100 per month was given to the girls to buy clothes only.

They were even advised not to spend it on anything else.

4 The girls couldnt speak when He was being interviewed.

5 No one was interested in being the main girlfriend.

That is because she only got that title and nothing else, although she had to share a room with Hugh.

6 Girls staying in the mansion could use their cars and even park it there.

7 Hugh had an interest in having clones of bunnies.

Hughs interest was in busty blondes with bright-blonde hair or those with white hair with no sign of any pigment.

8 The mansion was quite untidy and dirty.

The carpets were full of stains, and several rooms in the mansion was full of dust.

9 Hugh had no idea how to play a DVR.

10 A lot of money was spent on the girls, even for their plastic surgeries.

11 During the mansion parties, all girls were forced to sit beside Hugh.

12 Everyone had to abide by the mansions strict policy.

13 Many girls in the mansion felt trapped since they were not allowed to speak to men.

14 There was a strict policy where girls couldnt do any activities after 9 pm.

15 You would find Kleenex, Vaseline and baby oil in all the mansion rooms.

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