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Thousands Of FB Users Are Trying To Find A Phone In This Picture And Simply Going Nuts!

by Qunki Team | puzzles and riddles
Home > puzzles and riddles > Thousands Of FB Users Are Trying To Find A Phone In This Picture And Simply Going Nuts!

Have you ever lost your phone just before leaving for office on a Monday morning? Isnt it frustrating? And I am sure that most of you have faced this problem multiple times. Now, let us show you something ever more irritating!

The owner of this phone thought it would be an excellent choice to buy a carpet matching with his phones cover. Well, now that he has lost it, he has no idea where it is since the phone has camouflaged on the carpet!


Dont worry in case you are unable to find it, you are not alone; 17,000 other Facebook members too havent been able to solve this. This picture has been shared more than 13,000 times and it is highly likely that you have seen this picture before as well.

If you cant find it, head over to the next page and see it

2 You are probably thinking that this is a hoax, and there is no phone at all in that picture.

However, read on to know more which might make you change this decision.

Now, did this change your mind? Cause my mind is blown after seeing this. I am not sure if I will be buying fancy carpets ever again.

Now share it and Challenge your friends.

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