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10 Heroes Who Proved This World Isn't That Bad

by Qunki Team | uplifting
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Humanity is still alive in this world of cruelty and selfishness. Although many a times we find many situations that depict that people are not humans anymore, there are certain situations that denote just the opposite. Here are a few such instances.

On one occasion a man had donated anonymously a huge amount and it was discovered in a shop. Such people are the real great human beings.

On another occasion we can see a young man helping an aged man to cross the road with the help of a walker.

After the Orlando tragedy had occurred the members of Chick-fil-A Lee Vista started opening up a shop for blood donation and food distribution to the people.

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A man in office attire wearing suit stops on his way in order to help a needy on the pavement whose only assistance is the wheelchair.

Someone just donated a jacket for the needy when the weather started growing cold. Humanity is not dead after all.

A young woman wanted to do something good by celebrating new families and showing support for nurses who bring lots and lots of babies into the world every day.

One person wanted to brighten the life of a needy in a cute way.

One police officer devoted some time to save a baby goose that was caught in a balloons ribbon. He was on a patrol, his daily patrol when his sight caught the baby goose.

Some kind person did not want others to be taken for a ride, so he/she posted a note letting others know that the machine was broken.

When a persons male cat had got the neighbors cat pregnant, this particular man went the humor route to ensure his grand kitten would be taken care of properly. Funny but sweet on the part of the man. This one seemed to be an incredible neighbor.

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