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These Epic Replies Prove That You Should Never Ever Text Your Ex

by Qunki Team | funny
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All of us make mistakes, such as texting that guy while drunk with whom we broke up recently. Maybe you still have feelings and want to get back together?

If you are thinking of messaging your ex, you need to stop right there, and think about the consequences. These epic replies show why messaging your ex is a really bad idea, and you should probably stay away from that.

1 She doesnt even recognise you.

2 He tried to be different, but she was prepared.

3 She should have never doubted him.

4 Now this is some serious shit!

5 Well, that was heart-breaking.

6 Some top-notch swag right there!

7 Fatal error detected.

8 You need to move on.

9 Thats a smart reply.

10 Did you notice the name of the contact?

11 She seems to be practical.

12 Wow, I got completely fooled by that!

13 Direct Reply

14 Both of them are now even.

15 Feels no pain

16 Erased from his life.

17 The line is pretty long, huh?

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