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Creative Techniques Couples Used To End An Argument

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Creative Techniques Couples Used To End An Argument

1 Instant killer.

2 Sean Corney always wins.

3 Hit the trigger! and just kill it.

4 Perfect husband material.

5 Thats a great way to keep the mouth shut.

6 This is hilarious!

7 So Cute!

8 The best sorry so far.

9 LOL!

10 Are you gonna play the game?

11 Accept and Agree!

12 LOL!

13 Banana!!!

14 This really makes me curious about fighting with partner.

15 When you love Tacos.

16 Journey from fight to sex.

17 Thats quite interesting.

18 Perfect asset to kill any argument.

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