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This Stranger Kisses Mothers On Beach. How Their Kids React Is…OMG!

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Visiting a beach is fun always, We all love to visit beaches with our loved ones like our partner, friends, parents, or our kids.

But how will you react when some stranger comes and kisses your partner? What will you do ?

Here this guy just wanted to kiss mothers who are visiting the beach with their kids to have some fun. Proceed to read to see how the kids reacted when he kissed their moms.

1 He first visits this stunning mother and her kid.

Then, he says to her that she is absolutely gorgeous. He then asks her what she's doing at the beach, and the mother said that she simply needs to spend time under the sun.

2 He also impressed her child, Colby.

Colby appears somewhat shy, yet the man from Prank Invasion is not going to surrender. So he inquires if he could get a kiss from her if he can accurately guess Colbys age.

3 Fortunately, he guessed it perfectly. Colby was six.

As he got it correct, he got a passionate kiss from Colby's mom. The kiss took longer than expected, and he was even ready to get her closer and touch her thighs.

4 His next target was this mom wearing a light blue two-piece.

He asks what she's doing at the beach, and she says that she simply needs to have fun with her son.

5 It was Mommy Makeout Day, and he was searching for more hot moms.

Much the same as with the other mom, he inquired if it is alright to get a kiss from her if he guesses her son's age.

6 Her childs age was seven and he accurately guessed it.

So he got a passionate kiss from her too

7 The following mother was wearing high heels and an alluring bikini.

He said her the same condition, and the mom wasn't certain at first until she asked her son.

8 He said that the kid was a year old, however, he was just 9 months old.

still, he didn't let that ruin his day as he said come here, and she continued to kiss him.

9 This was the last lady he approached.

She was totally hot and she was alright with his kissing game.

10 Whats more, at the end of the day, he effectively speculated her kids age.

The kid was two-year-old. The mother couldn't believe he got it correctly, and she gave him a long kiss.

11 Watch Video below!

What do you think? Is it okay to kiss moms who are still likely hitched to another man?

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