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No One Has Gotten Luckier Than These 13 People

by Qunki Team | wtf
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No One Has Gotten Luckier Than These 13 People

13 The Falling Tree

This guy is so lucky that he parked his vehicle on the right situation and that his auto can be a small one.

12 Good Luck

This guy seems to have a just right fortune except both the two fortune cookies predict the same.

11 Got One Extra

What may also be higher than a case of beer? Its getting a further one within the case!

10 Which Is Your Favourite Colour?

If his favorite color is purple, then itll be his best day

9 Isnt It Charming?

That is rather quality to have so many vibrant marshmallows.

8 At The Right Place

The phone got stuck at the right place, but the owner should rinse it properly.

7 Timber

Seeing this, the coverage agent of this vehicle simply acquired a heart assault.

6 Yummy

What can be extra yummy than getting a double layered cream cookie?

5 Better Than Bullseye

Even though its not a profitable shot, however, the one who threw the 2nd dart is simply terrific.

4 Lucky

It is hard to say, what happened next but the seal got lucky for this moment at least.

3 Dont Take A Back

The car just escaped from being crushed.

2 The Keys

The keys owner needs to be still in shock and need to be preparing himself to pick up the keys safely

1 At The Last Point

The nail pricked into the shoes simply on the last factor

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