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Science Says: This Is The Ideal Body Of A Woman

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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Do you know how ideal body shape of a woman looks like? Read for the details.

1 Whats Perfection?

The age old question of what is the perfect body shape has finally been answered, all thanks to science.

2 Fashions Rule

Fashion has long pushed the idea that being stick thin is the most desirable body type for a woman to have, but luckily celebrities and media figures have shown thats not true.

3 Busty Beauty

In fact, a study done at the University of Texas shows that the ideal woman who is 1.68m tall should have 99-63-91 measurements.

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4 Ultimate Attractiveness

Scientists say someone whos considered plump has the ideal body when it comes to fertility and attractiveness. Nowadays, men connect a full figure to health and youth.

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