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Women Reveal The Naughtiest Things Happened In The Work Place

by Qunki Team | wtf
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We spend most of our day in our work places. Most of the works are boring unless it is in a field you are interested. Otherwise, the workplace will be like hell. But if we have some friendly co-workers, it will be fun to spend time in office. We will have a lot of fun with such co workers.

Here some women reveal their naughty adventures in their work place with their co workers.

1 Helen's experience

Helen reveals, she placed her panties in her boss's desk. His response was shocking. Even if he is happily married, this move will cause a raging hard 0n within seconds.

2 Louise Says

3 Mary's experience

It was late. Everyone was gone. And I was alone with my boss. It's bound to happen.

4 Stephanie Woke Up On A Subordinates Couch

The Christmas party, a hot young stud who admires you, a few drinks and the morning after walk of shame ensues.

5 Purposely Used Cleavage For A Raise

Many raises have been had this way. Take that guys.

6 Pulled A Sharon Stone In A Meeting

The meeting is boring and you want it to end. Yep, crossing and uncrossing your legs in a short skirt and no panties, works every time.

7 Some other girls love to keep it open

8 Simple Steps to a Better Relationship!

Simple Steps to a Better Relationship!

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