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The Biggest Internet Hoaxes Debunked.

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Sometimes we are amazed and surprised seeing some images on the internet. We think how they can be true and just keep wondering. But, sometimes they prove to be too good to be true and thus finally turn out to be hoaxes. Not a wonder of nature, but the wonder of a powerful device called the computer. They are made so perfectly that it is difficult for anyone to get the difference and they believe the illusion. But, here we bust some of the biggest hoax images which went viral on the internet but are actually a hoax.

1 The Moonmelon

On a popular internet hoax, it says this watermelon is found in Japan. It also says it will alter all the flavors you eat afterward. But actually, there is no such watermelon, this only a photoshopped version of the normal watermelon.

2 The Fetus Foot

Another popular image that shows the fetus footprint on moms belly. Sorry to say but this is another fake image.

3 The Island Castle

A great destination for your next vacation, but unfortunately this castle is not real. Someones photoshop expertise.

4 The Fennec Fare

This adorable bunny like creature is definitely a hoax.

5 The Rainbow Lemons

This is really beautiful but not real. Another photoshoppedpicture.

6 Foods With Negative Calories

How its even possible to have negative calories ?

7 The Human Tree

Another fake picture that got wide internet acceptance.

8 The Rainbow Owl

Great Photoshop work! Salute the creator.

9 The Rainbow Rose

As beautiful as this might be, its totally fake!

10 The Magical Tree

This tree in India is a big HOAX!

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