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14 Things You Should Know Before You Lose Your V!rg!nity

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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When you are having your first make-out session, you are anxious, nervous and worried, and this is natural. If you are going through this phase in life, its time to take a deep breath, and learn a bit before you lose your v!rginity.

Read on to know the top 14 things that anyone should know before losing their V card. These tips will help you gain the maximum pleasure from your first time without getting worried too much.

1 Its not simply P inside V

Even in this modern world, several countries consider talking about vrginity to be a taboo. But here is an interesting fact losing vrginity is possible even when you are not getting $exual. This means, even if you are having anaI $ex or 0ral $ex basically any kind of physical stimulation makes you lose your vrginity.

2 Hymen breaking can occur without $ex

Every person is different, similarly different women have different types of vag!nas. Some women bleed a lot during their first time, while others dont bleed at all. This happens because some women have already broken their hymen during any heavy exercise or sports such as horse riding. Also, the amount of bleeding will vary from one woman to another.

3 Hymen is not a vrginity determining factor

It has been already said that every person is different, which means their internal organs vary from each other too. Hymen membranes can be of different types imperforated, micro perforated, septate. Some women might not even have any hymen tissue to begin with. Also, the thickness of the hymen differs too, hence hymen should never be considered as a vrginity determining factor.

4 How much does it hurt?

It is quite natural to feel a bit of pain the first time when pressure is applied. But if you two are engrossed in the $exual act, you will hardly feel it.

However, if you feel that the pain is too much or unbearable, then you need to stop immediately. This means, that it is too tight, and either you need to start with foreplay before moving on to the main act, or you have to use lube.

5 Lubrication is important

Lubrication makes things a bit smoother, which can make the entire process more enjoyable. Especially if you are having $ex for the first time, dont forget to use lube. Also, its better to use water-based or silicone-based lubes compared to oil based ones.

6 Your main aim shouldnt be to have an 0rgasm

When you are having $ex, you are obviously thinking of having a great time. And there is nothing wrong in that, but its important that you think about the satisfaction of your partner too. Hence, if you are done before your partner, you shouldnt be selfish, and try to satisfy your partner too.

7 Being a vrgin doesnt ensure you will have an orgy the first time

You probably believe the myth that women are able to achieve 0rgies easily, especially their first time. This myth has been made popular by countless novels and movies, but that is simply not true. In fact, the opposite is actually true. Hence, its better if you lose your vrginity someone you are attracted rather than unknowns to experience the full pleasure.

8 Having boners quickly isnt a huge problem

You shouldnt really worry about this. If you have an orgy before your partner, you should just help her achieve her orgy afterwards. Dont be selfish and everything will be fine!

9 ErectiIe Dysfunction

Most people think that erectile dysfunction can only occur in older men, but young people can also be a victim. In case you experience this problem, you shouldnt worry. There is nothing wrong with you, it is mainly a hormonal disorder and you should consult a doctor to get this fixed.

10 No pregnancy pass for vrgins

There is a popular myth that vrgins cant pregnant when they have $ex for the first time. That is a complete lie, even though its rare you should not think so. Its always advised to use protection even if its your first time. Better be safe not sorry.

11 Condoms are essential

Even if you arent scared about your partner getting pregnant, condoms are still essential since they protect you from STDs. You dont want to regret your decision of having $ex, do you?

12 You need to find your own comfort zone

You have probably seen several videos on having $ex, but dont try to copy them in real life. Its always advised to talk with your partner so that you two know what your comfort zones are. Some people like to take it slow. Hence, communication with your partner is super important.

13 Ma$tubation is similar to practising before playing a match.

You have to practise playing before you get into a real match. And that is what ma$tubation is. You need to know beforehand how you feel and how you mainly get stimulated when you are having $ex with your partner to experience the maximum pleasure. This is especially true for women.

14 You arent the only one nervous during your first time, your partner is nervous too.

Things should always stay equal during make out sessions. Both partners should strip one after another Both partners have imperfections. And both of them are nervous, especially if its their first time.

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