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by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
Home > beauty and fashion > HOW TO GROW YOUR NAILS FAST IN A WEEK

Hands are very important in doing different works. They are very important aspect in maintenance and they tell a lot about a woman. Taking good care of hands make them look beautiful and also its shows the hygienic level of those women. Nails are also the part of hand and healthy nails show your healthy intake.

Even after taking so much care of the hands and nails, the brittle and weak nails grows very slowly. Here is amazing trick that will help you make your nails stronger and thus longer only in one week.

1 Take a bowl and add some hot water to it.

2 Now add garlic, a bit of olive oil and squeeze one lemon into the hot water.

3 When the water turns a bit cold, dip your fingers into it for 20 minutes.

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4 If you do this daily, you will see results in a week.

5 Now Watch This Video For Complete Procedure

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