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Meet 9 Unlucky People Who Had The Most Unfortunate Day

by Qunki Team | funny
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At the beginning of the day if it comes with some good news then surely that whole day ends on a pretty high note. But what if the day actually initiates with a really terrible thing which you did not even expect, how would you react to it? Sometimes it does and for those particular days, you must pay extra attention. Meet these 13 unfortunate people who had such a terrible day after all.

1 He had actually thought that parking car near home is safe.

2 This Child Surely Had A Really Awful Day

3 Wrong Timing And Wrong Place Too

4 Candle Actually Ate Apple

5 Worst Bike Ride Ever

6 Bought Color To Paint His Home, But Painted Car Instead

7 She Became The Victim Of Unpredicted Rainfall

8 He Was Actually Trying To Find Peace In The Dustbin

9 The Dessert Unfortunately Goes Down

10 Not The Best Way To Play A Shot In this way

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