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How to Deal with Jealousy in a Relationship

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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1 Remember your partner is always with you:

Do you know the difference between you and the person youre jealous of? You have the support of your partner, while the other person doesnt. Thus make good use of this advantage you have and enjoy your time with your beloved instead of spoiling it because of jealousy.

2 Convey feelings:

If youre feeling a bit jealous, do let your partner know. If you feel that a colleague or friend is trying to get intimate, talk to your partner about it, but in a calm way. Your partner may not even have the faintest idea that the person is bothering you.

3 Dont get mad:

When jealousy finds ground, anger follows. A bad temper can increase jealousy and insecurity.It will force you to do things you never wanted to and spoil everything. Thus, be calm.

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4 Positively channelize your jealousy:

Contrary to popular belief, jealousy is not always bad. Its perfectly fine if you immensely care for someone and want that person in your life. Just remember to positively channelize it like a reminder that you are fortunate to be with that person instead of a threat.

5 Never get possessive:

It is in human nature to get possessive of objects or people that we love. It may be fine to be possessive about objects you own but not with a living person. You partner is a breathing individual with his or her ideas, opinions and feelings. He or she deserves all your love and respect but being demanding and possessive of them is painful and rude.

6 Understand its effect on others:

Whenever we have a strong emotion, a change in our behavior is evident. You may turn cynical or say and do things you didnt want to. If you see that youre having an adverse impact on people, especially those close to your partner, your problem needs to be fixed.

7 Be confident:

Fear of being inferior to others is a major cause of jealousy. Your self-esteem should not bring about a change in your approach towards your relationship. If you feel your appearance is not good enough, try to change it for the better and be the best. But if its something deeper, then you need to take the time to work it out.

8 Dont compare:

Like you never compare your partner to someone else, why do you compare yourself with others and feel inferior? There will always be people prettier, smarter, stronger, faster, richer or younger than you but this doesnt mean that you are inferior. Every person has his or her unique characteristics. These make us special, and that is also why your partner is with you because he or she knows how special and different you are.

9 Dont be demanding:

Being demanding surely gets the best of us and make things worse by saying things we didnt mean. You should be open and honest with you partner but do so with patience and love. If youre not comfortable with your partner spending time with someone, dont demand your partner to completely cut ties with that person. Work out ways to ease your fears and be happy.

10 Understand the consequences:

Jealousy in a relationship has grave consequences. It causes a lack of trust. It may do irreversible damage to your relationship. You surely dont want your doubts to ravage your relationship. Thus dont be jealous.

11 Seek help to let it go:

It is very difficult to let go of your insecurities. If necessary, take help from a loved one or friend to talk about your insecurities and learn to let go.

12 See how your partner feels:

To your surprise, your partner may also be jealous of other people in your life. Ask him or her whether he or she is comfortable with all the people in your life and mutually resolve misconceptions and insecurities. This will strengthen your relationship.

13 Dont spy:

Though most couples like to share things, it is necessary to respect your partners space. Dont try to touch your partners things without permission. Being Snoopy shows lack trust, which will strain your relationship.

14 Seek professional help:

If need be, take professional help to solve the issue of jealousy in your relationship. If possible, attend couples therapy. Otherwise, take therapy alone and sort out issues.

15 Trace the roots:

You need to trace the roots of your jealousy. You may have been cheated in a previous relationship or anything else. You should find out the reason for your irrational behavior and repair it.

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