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Biggest Relationship Mistakes You Should Not Make

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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1. Forgetting to be good friends:

Friendship is the root of a healthy and happy relationship. Dont forget your friendship in romancing your partner or lack of it.

2. Saying hurtful things intentionally:

This is something some people just dont grow out of even after high school. Dont say hurtful things even while arguing. Dont say something that shows disrespect towards your partner or negatively affects him or her.

3. Leaving conflicts unresolved:

Seems like avoid saying Im sorry has become popular these days. But it is not good and will only give misery to your partner. Sometimes its better to apologize for your mistake and resolve conflicts.

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4. Cant handle distance:

It is common for people to have jobs that take them away at times. Some people are not suitable for these kinds of distance relationships, and try to cling on to their relationship. Though it may seem brutal to immediately break off, it is better in the long run and will save both of you from years of misery.

5. No romance:

Though feeling like you are living a chick flick can be cheesy, its these cheesy little moments that show your affection to your partner. Thus, you should be romantic in a relationship.

6. Not handling embarrassment:

Many of the people will accept being with a person who makes them feel embarrassed, or worse, a person who is embarrassed to be spotted with them. Dont just accept anybody as your partner because you are scared of being alone. You deserve respect.

7. Not compromising:

Let him decide where to eat while you decide which movie to watch or vice versa. Neither of you would clearly remember who decided what to do that day, but what you would remember is that you compromised on your plans to make your partner happy.

8. Not being on the same page:

Some couples face this problem that one person feels more committed than the other.To prevent this problem from arising, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about everything. Talk about it, let your partner know how you feel.

9. Not keeping yourself in their shoes:

You require empathy to have a good relationship with all other people in your life-size your colleagues, your friends, your family why not with your partner?

10. Making assumptions:

Thinking that your partner is like a certain person you met is one of the greatest assumptions made in a relationship. The idea that all girls/boys are the same is not in keeping with the present time.

11. Pretending to like things which you actually dont:

People, from the very beginning of time, have been making this mistake. Its better to be with someone who shares your interests rather than pretending to like your partners interests. Its better to acknowledge the difference in interests than pretend.

12. Expecting things to automatically change:

You cant change a person, just because he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend. Though it may be hard to digest for some people, it is a harsh truth. Only he or she can change himself or herself, that too if he or she wants to. Si, hoping for a miraculous change in your partner is futile.

13. Constant fights:

You may have heard that men and women are bound to fight like dogs and cats, but it is not at all true. If youre fighting with your partner almost every day to make yourself heard, it indicates that it is time either you head out or make your partner pack his or her stuff.

14. Avoiding the issues:

Though couples constantly arguing do not have a healthy relationship, those who never discuss issues may be worse. If both of you keep hiding your problems to make the other one happy, then you are bound to have a drastic downfall.

15. Expecting marriage to resolve all issues:

When they start having issues, most of the couples resort to marriage as a magical solution to every single problem. Though marriage may feel magical, it doesnt suddenly make life perfect.

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