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This Little Girl Was Born With The Exact Same Patch Of White Hair As Her Mom!

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
Home > family and parenting > This Little Girl Was Born With The Exact Same Patch Of White Hair As Her Mom!

Born literally in her mom's image, this cute little girl has the same white patch of hair her mother has. The chances of something like that to happen are slim, but the girls patch of white hair goes back to three entire generations- peculiarly her grandmother as well as great-grandmother had the same birthmark.


MilliAnna Worthy, an eighteen-month-old resident of South Carolina, USA, has unique hair due to a condition termed poliosis that is responsible for lack of pigment in the skin and hair.

2 Since MilliAnnas great grandmother was adopted, the family is completely unaware of the origin of

3 And the cute little angel perfectly nails the look. Look at this little angel!

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4 What a cute lovely little angel she is!

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