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33 Brilliant Dad Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier

by Qunki Team | family and parenting
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Being a parent is difficult, especially if your kids are young. You need to always look after them, and you are looking for anything that will keep them occupied so that you can finish your pending work for the time being. However, even then you are constantly thinking about your child wondering if he is safe or not.

The problem is children get bored too easily. They are always moving to the next thing, and then soon onto the next thing. Keeping them entertained and busy at all times is a tough job.

If you are in a similar situation with your kids, then this article is perfect for you. Here, we present 20 excellent parenting hacks which will make your life as a parent much easier.

1 Tell your kid to paint the fence with only water!

Your child might be an aspiring painter, but at this moment, the only thing he is going to do by painting the fence or the walls are messed them up. The solution is simple to make them paint anything with only water. They are happy, and they are kept busy as well!

2 Cardboard dividers to stop babies from fighting.

Kids are always fighting, which can be quite distracting when you are driving. This hack will prevent all of that from happening ever again.

3 Keep your chocolates hidden in a green beans bag.

Kids love chocolates, but so do adults. So if you want to keep some of that hidden for yourself, this is the best solution.

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4 Infite paper canvas for drawing!

Your kid can keep on drawing as long as he or she wants to!

5 A sheet fitted upside down to prevent any sand from entering.

Now you can go enjoy yourself, knowing that your child is safe from sand.

6 Create a play station from your old cot!

Isnt this innovative?

7 Teach your kids directions with stickers.

Stickers can prove to be a wonderful technique to teach your kids what is left and what is right.

8 Bean bag filled glove to simulate a human touch.

Just put a bean bag inside a glove and slowly as your child goes to sleep, put it on his or her back. It will simulate the feeling of touch, making them feel loved.

9 Plastic egg holders to keep their lollipops from sticking to everything.

Don't you just hate when your kid's lollipops keep on sticking to everything in the house? Well, here is a great solution that will ensure this never happens again.

10 Empty cardboard box to draw.

Kids love drawing, don't they? Luckily you can just give them anything like an empty cardboard box, and they will be happy with it.

11 An excellent use of coffee lid

Use coffee lids to stop the ice cream from dripping all over your child's clothes.

12 Dont get locked in anymore.

Kids getting locked inside can often be a nightmare for the parents. Fortunately, that won't happen anymore with this neat hack.

13 Controllers that are not plugged in.

Your kids will believe they are, though, and enjoy it as well.

14 Sheet to keep your children protected from any bugs or direct sunlight.

Your child will stay safe, while you can do any unfinished work as well.

15 Dad as a photoshoot prop.

This father is a genius!

16 Get a photo of your child with an oversized shirt with the graduation date printed on it every year

It would be beautiful as a memory, dont you think?

17 Draw charts on the prescription bottle of kids medicine.

This way, your kids will never miss their medications even for a single day.

18 Add glowsticks in the bathtub!

Getting kids to bath in the tub can prove to be a nightmare, but add a few glowsticks and see how excited they get to bath!

19 Replace ice packs with frozen marshmallows.

Apply them on bruises and cuts and enjoy consuming them afterward!

20 Say no to slammed fingers

I remember that I often used to slam my fingers while closing doors as a kid. This father is innovative to have come up with such a great idea.

21 DVD boxes are now coloring cases.

22 Pool noodles to cover trampoline springs.

23 Mix up boys and girls toys so kids grow up stereotyping less.

24 Keep babys toys from floating away.

25 Turn the bottom drawer into a pull out step stool.

26 Keep soap and water out of babys nose and eyes with a baby shower cap.

27 Temporary tattoos with contact information.

28 Cardboard box slide.

29 Save toilet paper with this roll marker.

30 Mesh bag to wash your kids Legos.

31 Stability ball seats to help your kids concentrate.

32 DIY bottle holder.

33 Velcro rug holders.

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