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Worst People You Will Ever See At Walmart

by Qunki Team | others
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Walmart is an excellent place to spend time while shopping, it’s like a mini Disneyland. You get to purchase your favourites as you meet some interesting and queer character on the aisle. It is like a mini fashion parade, check out the pictures and see for yourself. May your eyes be the best judge.

1. A bored housewife on a shopping trip. Can you spot the baby?


2. All those discount codes wreck your brain and you need a resting place.


3. When you come start to Walmart after a vacation.


4. You still haven’t decided on the Halloween costume and try out everything at once.


5. Beer is gold; mom sure knows how to party in style.

6. Ride along while you still have breath!

7. Cause baby, you’re a firework! Inspiring all for a 4th of July.

8. Looks like this cowboy bet his pants and guns away for a meal.

9. You need a crane to keep those dungarees on

10. When your fantasy role playing becomes your reality!


11. Never stand behind a pissed off lady.


12. Your personality is so magnetic, that you attract dragons!

13. Being so lazy to dress up and show to work.


14. When kids hangout with dads in the shopping mall.

15. Ok, so someone left a zebra at the crossing.

16. Desperate situations call for desperate measures, honey sure lost his charger!

17. Millennial girls be like - working out in the shopping aisles.


18. When you forget your child and take your dog out for a baby’s day.


19. Crazy cat lady is in town; keep your kids safe with you!

20. When you get a déjà-vu about a painting.


21. Safest place to store some cash.


22. Drunk so bad that you cause ruckus in the mall too.


23. Looks like she walked out straight out of a stripping pole.


24. When you are high on weed.


25. Your wife has been looking around for her thongs and you seek out in them.

26. Cartoons too need some snack baits.

27. Superman too shops his underwear from Walmart!

28. How did your beach vacation go? Ah! Can see those tan lines.

29. When you let your husband do all the children party planning.


30. You walk straight out of bed to get your morning cornflakes.


31. When your legs are too heavy to lift you.


32. When you want to snoop on your gf and need a camouflage.

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