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10 Subtle And Misunderstood Signs That Depict You’re A Genius

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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Many times, all of us feel proud of our intelligence. We feel we are one of the best geniuses of our age even without any scientific backing for the same. Given below are some traits which are pointers to being a genius. Let us have a look at the same and proclaim we are geniuses with proof.

10 Doodling demonstrates

The human mind has its ways to get away from boredom. One way of pushing it out from life is Doodling. Doodling demonstrates one's way to express their originality while keeping engrossed creatively.

9 Keeping out of friendships

Geniuses general prefer solitude. They dislike socializing most of the times and focus on achieving their short-term and long-term goals. They keep themselves away from people whom they consider time wasters. Genius brains interact only with selective people whom they feel are on the same wavelength as that of theirs.

8 Taking that extra time

People who tend to be genius are usually meticulous in all that they do. They are very organized and do even little things in a well thought about manner. This makes them take extra time to complete tasks that others may do in shorter periods of time. This also makes others think that such people are lazy to do anything fast. Don't worry. Take your time to achieve things you have planned. Remember, you are only methodical.

7 Stagnating may be a pointer

Many times you may get stuck halfway through in your activities. While this may be surprising, it points out only to the fact that your faculties are busy on some other process. Just let your brain cool down. For all you know, you belong to a different plane altogether when your mental activities are brought under control.

6 Self talk helps a lot

Talk to yourself. Do not worry about what others think of you when they see you talking to yourself. Take time to talk as much as possible to yourself. Confess and contradict if required. Self-talk streamlines the thoughts while the cues given to the brain verbally increases its efficiency levels

5 Messiness is not laziness

If you are a messy person, we suggest you remain one for the rest of the lifetime. It is intelligent to be messy though others may attribute your messiness to laziness. Let your messiness harness your originality offering brilliant things to the Universe

4 Shortcuts are strategy

Leverage your capability to strategize to achieve success. When things are strategized, your efficiency levels rise by multitude levels. People around you may call your shortcut approach as laziness. Brush aside such opinions and keep strategizing to succeed.

3 Focus on your effort and time

Have complete control over your time and energy. Decide where and on whom you want to spend the same. This may make some feel that you are indifferent and cold. Don't bother to convince them. Geniuses know how to manage their time and effort

2 Delegation

Strategizing and delegating are easy tasks for geniuses. They come so naturally to them that they are the best when it comes to these attributes. Hand over simple tasks to others assessing their capabilities. Do not hesitate to delegate tasks to others. Remember, geniuses handle tough jobs and are not worried about delegating things to others.

1 Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is the worst enemy for geniuses. Unfortunately, the brain of genius people works in such untiring manner that it permits very little sleep to be experienced by them. Try to take small naps now and then which can compensate sleep deprivation and help you to continue your journey as a genius.

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