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This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED. Then This Firm Purchased it. What They Did With It Is.

by Qunki Team | hilarious
Home > hilarious > This Town’s Walmart Was ABANDONED. Then This Firm Purchased it. What They Did With It Is.

McAllen is a town in the southern section of Texas. There was an abandoned Walmart warehouse which is as big as two and-a-half football fields. But they repurposed it into a fantastic library. When the Walmart has shifted to a new larger area, the city purchased the building thinking they can convert it to a place where people can gather. Then they transformed the building to country's largest single story public library.

1 This huge abandoned building in McAllen, Texas was once a Walmart that went out of business.

The large space measuring nearly two-and-a-half football fields was left for ruin but happened next though is remarkable!

2 The vast property was purchased by the firm, Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. of Minneapolis.

They had a big project in mind. They began to redesign and repurpose the interior of the building to be a public library!

3 The design firm did so well it won the 2012 Library Interior Design Competition!

The International Interior Design Association which sponsors the competition affirmed the innovative idea was a success. AND the library membership grew 23% the year it opened compared to the public library prior.

4 Very Kid Friendly

Soundproof rooms were installed for teenagers, as well as a large children’s sections made especially for them.

5 Impressive!

This extensive library also features 14 study rooms, 64 computer labs, ten computer labs for kids, two genealogy labs, and 15 public meetings spaces. Most of all it's a hot spot for the community with locals feeling its the coolest building in town.

6 Its all encompassing with something for everyone to experience and learn.

It even hosts theater screenings, classes, and lectures on a variety of subjects. And there's a cafe, art gallery, and used book store too!

7 The McAllen, Texas library is the largest single public library in the US

Everyday people line-up to get in.

Wouldnt it be amazing if more abandoned building could be repurposed into amazing spaces for communities?

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