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Dirtiest Parts Our Body That Carrying Millions Of Germs.

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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The greatest creations of God are the humans, and our body is a fantastic machine with really complicated systems we can ever imagine. By any means, we are the creation with infinite complexity. Our body is most precise, efficient and unquestionably the most complicated structure. A human body contains trillions of cells, and each cell has their complex structure and functions. Apart from these complexities, a human body has some dirtiest part in it. It is not only your peeing and pooping areas that require extra cleanliness, but these parts can be the homes an innumerable number of bacteria, which are more than 615 different kinds. So, it's very much important to know those specific body parts. Here is a list of nine most infected body parts that carry millions of germs. Let's catch them one by one.

9 Mouth


Undoubtedly, the mouth is the dirtiest part of our body with the greatest amount of bacteria. It is discovered that more than 600 different types of bacteria live in the mouth making it the dirtiest one. So, now you know that it is not always our bad breath that makes our mouth dirty.

8 Armpits


Nevertheless, this body part is associated with more than 80,000 bacteria, and so it increases the chances of stinking even more. Well, this area requires the utmost care and attention.

7 Head


Got dandruff? The bacteria living in your head might be to blame. Dandruff mixed with bacteria is responsible for the itching experienced by you. So, you should wash your hair at regular intervals.

6 Ears


Our ears produce wax like substance, and when we try to clean it ourselves, we might hurt our ear. Perhaps, this dirty place can clean itself.

5 Tongue


The color of the tongue can vary from pink to yellow or gray in the case of severe infection or disease. So, it is necessary to clean the tongue with tongue cleaner on a regular basis.

4 Anus


There are various types of nasty bacteria in our digestive system which are thereby passed through the anus, making it one of the dirtiest places on the body.

3 Nasal Cavity


Nose is one of the dirtiest places, and maybe you didn't know, but when you try scratching or fingering your nose, you become more likely to nasal infections.

2 Finger Nails


Fingernails and skin under fingernails carry a lot of germs which might frighten you to death. And, the skin is primary breeding ground for bacteria.

1 Belly Button


I am sure many of you will agree that belly button is among the grimy body parts. There are tonnes of bacteria thriving in our belly button, which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

So, these body parts should be maintained with utmost care as these germs can be detrimental to our health. Well cleaning and maintain a sound health can save our body from these unwanted creatures.

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