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Most Unfortunate Town Names You Will Ever See

by Qunki Team | funny
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Names are somewhat which represent something. It should be meaningful too. But, unfortunately there are some names that are really interesting and bounce over the head that why they are so! If some Towns have these types of unfortunate names, then it will be more interesting, isnt it? Here is a list of 11 most unfortunate Town names, which will really amaze you and as well as make you thoughtful that why the names are so. So, lets catch them one by one.

11 A Long Street!


Penistone (UK)

10 Funny Town Name!


Middelfart (Denmark)

9 This is Insane!


Dildo, Newfoundland (Canada)

8 WTF!


Fucking Street From Austria.

7 Another Funny Name!


Crotch Crescent (UK)

6 Serious Warning!


Crapstone (UK)

5 An Unappropriate Welcome!


Intercourse, Pennsylvania (USA)

4 A Boring City!


Boring, Oregon (USA)

3 Most unfortunate City Name!


Accident, Maryland (USA)

2 LOL!


Wetwang (UK)

1 What The Hell!


Hell, Michigan (USA)

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