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12 Useful Features In Everyday Things That Most People Do Not Usually Know

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Every Day we use a lot of objects in our daily parlance. But, have you ever wondered what they might offer more features than the ones they are advertised to offer? That they have many useful features that largely go unnoticed? For example, do you know why wine bottles have an indent on the bottom? Or why winter hats have those bobbles on the top? Did you ever think about it? Nope. They are not just design enhancements. It turns out; everyday objects are pretty mysterious in their form and function. Read on to unravel the truth behind them.

1 The indent on the bottom of wine bottles, is actually present to control pressure while corking.

Source : The French Cellar

2 Why those holes at the end of tape measures? Is it a flaw? Well, not really. It's there to hook into screws or nails.

Source : AOL.com

3 Nope, it's not design. The bobble above your winter cap is a historical feature, which was used to protect the sailors’ heads while bashing.

Source : DHgate.com

4 It's pretty much been the biggest mystery ever why most bags have these panels. Well, in most, it's present to help tie the bag to a rope.

Source : Pinterest

5 Most people mistake the tab on rear view mirrors as the screw for adjusting the mirror left or right. However, it's actual purpose is to enhance vision by defocusing high beam lights from a car behind you.

Source : Bill Frymire

6 Have you ever had the situation that when you reach the gas station, you wonder which side the gas inlet is? Well, this will come to your rescue. This tiny arrow next to the fuel gauge tells you just that.

Source : Canadian Fuels Association

7 We won't blame you for not noticing, but this tiny hole next to the lock is actually there to filter out excess oil in case you decide to oil your lock.

Source : youtube

8 Another tiny hole that went unnoticed was this one besides your phone’s back camera. This is actually a microphone, which records voice when video is recorded.

Source : LifeBuzz

9 Why these holes on the bottom of sneakers? Well, they're actually designed to facilitate ventilation.

Source : Cosmo.ph

10 We're certain some curious souls must be aware of this, but for the rest, this loop on the shirts’ back is actually made to help hang them on locker pegs. Maintains the crease of the shirt.

Washington Star News

11 Ever wondered what this tiny cylinder was for? Well, it's there to block high frequency noises.

Source : The sun

12 Ever wondered what the hole at the end of the pen’s cap meant? Well, it's there to prevent suffocation in case the cap is swallowed.

Source : Science Alert

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