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Did You Know Cat lick Can Make You Blind!

by Qunki Team | animals and pets
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Most of us have pets. Either a dog, cat or any other animals. We love them and do everything to make them happy. We touch them, kiss them even let them sleep with you. We do it because we love them. But we don't know some harmful effects they can make unknowingly. Read the story of Janice, who lost her eye because of a mere negligence with her pet cat.

1 Janese Walters Has Gone Blind!

Janese Walters, an American living in Ohio, has gone blind in one eye after her cat licked her face. So says the digital version of the newspaper Toledo News Now, where they stated that the cat transmitted a disease known simply as the 'cat scratch.' The disease can cause inflammation of blood vessels and eye infection.

2 Not Reversible

I woke up the next day, and I could not see through my left eye. I thought I had conjunctivitis, explains Walters. Desperate, she went to the hospital several times during a month. Finally, they told her that she had suffered an infection called cat scratch, a condition that occurs when one of these pets goes through human bacteria carried through saliva or fur Infection.

In the worst cases, it can stay in the liver, producing the collapse of the blood vessels of the eye or create meningitis. The condition is irreversible.

3 Disease May Be Transmitted Easily

She discovered that, although the disease is poorly understood, It can be transmitted mostly through of cats in homes. As per Center for Disease Control, this disease is harmless to cats, but considerably dangerous to humans if it is passed on.

You just have to wash your hands after playing with cats and not let them lick your wounds if they are open. Meanwhile, Walters has simply accepted what happened and is looking at the bright side: I am lucky, I could have been transmitted to my other eye.

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