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25 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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We all have a lot of things lying around our house. They just sit in one corner of the house, gathering dust. These things are so scattered around the house that we always feel a lack of space to keep them. Thus, in time of need, we are never able to locate where exactly we kept them. However, this is not a problem of lack of space but that of proper and efficient utilisation of the available space. This can be solved by employing storage solutions for your home. Storage solutions are available for all kinds of needs. If your home is cluttered, it's better to use chests and drawers. Also, furniture can be used to hide away your clutter too. There are infinite possibilities depending on your needs. Here we enlist 25 brilliant storage solutions for your kitchen. Read on to get enlightened!

1 Free up some space on the slab. Store jars under the shelves!

2 Convert the space beneath the sink into storage racks!

3 Build large shelves in your kitchen to store all your utensils, cutlery and more.

4 Build a vertical pantry cabinet to sort all the eatables systematically.

5 Transform metal barrels into storage space with many sections.

6 Organize your pantry systematically and reduce the clutter.

7 Use such cradles to hold the dinner plates.

8 Screw their caps beneath shelves and store jars in a space efficient manner.

9 Try vertical storage. The elegant solution to all your storage worries.

10 Wine Rack that fits in your space and reduces the hassle to storing them in cupboards.

11 Use cans to organise the clutter around the kitchen and make it more accessible too.

12 Space Rank Under the storage cabinet.

13 Save a lot of space with storage in a cupboard.

14 Best knife storage solution. Also kid-friendly.

15 Save the space! Fit the refrigerator under the kitchen’s counter.

16 Innovation at its best! Use these DIY gummy bags to store things in kitchen.

17 Save space while getting more storage with this gigantic refrigerator.

18 Island style kitchen design

19 Keep spices in line at their right place with this rack.

20 Keep all the jars in your kitchen in an ordered fashion with this drawer.

21 This will help to keep your vegetables fresh round the year.

22 Use the space beneath the sink for this elegant storage drawer.

23 An organised drawer to store all your cutlery.

24 Keep the dishes safely and practically.

25 Use the corners as drawer space.

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