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Some Of The Cleverly Designed Ads On Vehicles That Will Make You Salute The Designer

by Qunki Team | others
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Advertising is a powerful tool and one can really make better business with it. Attracting new customers with cost efficient methods is the key to generate income. Welcome to the new age of ads, wherein you can turn giant buses into your brand canvas. Get a few clever inspirations from these latest trending ads shown below.

1. Skateboarding along the bus.


2. Monster ride.

3. Feeling the freshness.

4. Surreal dog treats are so much fun.

5. When laundry can be such a mess.

6. Taking off on the runway.

7. A trunk every party animal wants to ride.


8. Just got to pose before the bus wheels.


9.Having a lobster kinda day.


10. Relaxing on a long haul.


11. When you thought those colorful logs will hit out.


12. This bus is supercharged.

13. The truck is about to get wings.


14. Gigantic data storage on wheels.

15. Never leave your garbage up front.

16. If only everyday was pay day.

17. When window cleaning is so much fun.

18. Going on a date bus be like.

19. When you gotta exercise on your way to work.

20. Always soar high like the Eagle.

21. Your thirst is about to be cleansed.

22. Mind bending Pepsi ad.

23. When you love your maple syrup too much.

24. Don’t ever gas light this truck.

25. When you gotta show them your masterpiece designing.

26. That one truck that cricket fans would love to follow.

27. When you order a limousine for your prom but get a double bus.

28. Smoking never seemed so cool.

29. The giant is out to get us.

30. The government is always watching your moves.


31. Too many peas in the pod.


32. That is one scary promotion technique.


33. Motivation to attend gym in the traffic.


34. When your OCD kicks in.


35. Live cricket scores be like.

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