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11 Methods To Have Best Love Making In Your Life That Make Your Partner Happy

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
Home > relationship and lovelife > 11 Methods To Have Best Love Making In Your Life That Make Your Partner Happy

If you do these things, hes guaranteed to thank you for the sweet s3xMoves later.

1 Give his back some light scratches


Men like it a little rough.

2 Bite his ear gently

Be gentlethe ears are sensitive.

3 Draw with lipstick on the mirror

Its a subtle reminder of you when he is later cleaning it off (which he loves to do).

4 When he gets up and leaves, hid under the bed, then grab his feet upon his return

All men appreciate surprises.

5 If hes about to climax whisper Chipotle burrito in his ear

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

6 Put a trail of red lipstick kisses to the toaster

All men love a mysterious woman.

7 Wrap your bottom half in sheets to look like a mermaid

All men love a challenge, and this makes having s3xWith you extremely challenging.

8 Even bettermake yourself into a Chipotle burrito

All men love Chipotle burritos (as mentioned before), and this just makes things even spicier.

9 Have peanut butter in your bra for a sticky surprise when he touches your breast

All men love breasts, and this wont throw them off in the slightest.

10 Have a toy car in your vag!a ready for him to find

Again, he wont be throw off at all, because men love vag!nas and cars.

11 Have people hiding in the closet with Chipotle takeout that jump out and yell, SURPRISE! when you

Remember what we talked aboutmen love Chipotle burritos.

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