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30 Of Your Favorite Actresses With Their Almost No Makeup Looks

by Qunki Team | others
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Hollywood actresses are beautiful yet mesmerizing. They are known for their sartorial fashion choices and unique style statements. The public and the paparazzi alike are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of these stunning beauties. Be it an award function or be it a party, these actresses never fail to impress us with their utter beauty and there is no second doubt about it. However, there are times when these actresses prefer not to look perfect and be their own way. Let us have a look at some of the instances

1. Well, Ciara looks prettier sans makeup!

2. Kristen Bell is surely cute without her makeup.

3. Kylie Jenner’s freckles will still your hearts.

4. Sharon Stone has some amazing hair.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow looks so different!

6. Jada Pinkett Smith is a tomboy in real life.

7. Elle Fanning looks no less than a teenager.

8. Dakota Fanning flaunts her pimples this way!

9. Madonna looks mesmerizing even without makeup.

10. Cindy Crawford is stealing hearts here.

11. Evangeline Lilly has dark circles too!

12. Amy Schumer looks more or less the same.

13. Elizabeth Banks looks cute in glasses.

14. Zoe Saldana nails the selfie look here.

15. Michelle Pfeiffer looks so different on the right!

16. Kerry Washington is a bubbly girl in real life.

17. Lisa Kudrow’s smile speaks everything.

18. Jessica Simpson looks the same without makeup.

19. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks totally different here.

20. Christina Ricci’s hair speaks for her beauty.

21. Katherina Heigl is flaunting her natural beauty here.

22. Eva Mendes has a naturally contoured face.

23. Adriana Lima doesn’t even need makeup to look beautiful.

24. Alicia Keys looks like a teenager.

25. Bar Rafaeli looks more or less the same.

26. Britney Spears is all about natural beauty with freckles!

27. Carrie Underwood looks like a different person here.

28. Drew Barrymore looks more ravishing without makeup.

29. Gigi Hadid is a true beauty!

30. Jessica Biel redefines beauty here.

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