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16 Times Students Outsmarted Their Teachers!

by Qunki Team | funny
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Some students are really genius so that they even outsmart their teacher. Here is 15 times students outsmarted their teachers with interesting and genius answers to questions. They may not be the correct answer required but we feel like they are true as well. when we check all these 16 situations we feel like we want to go back to school once again. Check them out and have a laugh.

1 Not very nice answer but still genius.

2 You only told to write OR

3 Apparently Jackman will do !

4 Yea ! its really not that attractive.

5 Tables has feelings too.

6 Psychological move.

7 Question 5 is not and definitely, question 4 is old

8 There is a bear on the way.

9 Apparently Bob is a good name for a quadrilateral.

10 She is blind.

11 Lmao, this is epic !

12 Love is strongest force in the earth.

13 The hunger games.

14 It is racism, yeah

15 Good goal indeed

16 Apparently T is capital.

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