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This Guy Finds Unbelievable Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Make You Surprised

by Qunki Team | others
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Lookalike also popularly known as doppelganger are something in this world that every person has got in another corner. More like an identical twin but not related do exists. It may sound funny, but don't be amazed to see the pictures shared of the celebrities and their doppelganger, which was recently found on Instagram. There is a community called ‘Same de la Same’ on Instagram that has an amazing collection of celebrates and their look-alike. With more or less the same features and facial structures, these pictures will surely leave you stunned since they are almost similar to your favorite celebs.

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1 Shakira

2 Mila Kunis

3 Prince Harry


4 Kim Jong Un

5 Will Smith


6 Selena Gomez

7 Dakota Johnson


8 Jason Statham

9 Madonna

10 Jennifer Lopez


11 George Clooney


12 Rihanna

13 Simon Cowell

14 Gal Gadot


15 Kate Moss

16 Justin Timberlake

17 Mariah Carrey

18 Bryan Cranston

19 Katy Perry


20 Kim Kardashian

21 Elton John

22 Tom Cruise

23 Daniel Craig

24 Angelina Jolie

25 Benedict Cumberbatch

26 Johnny Depp

27 John Lennon

28 Samuel L. Jackson

29 Charlie Chaplin

30 Drake

31 Leo Messi

32 Robbie Williams

33 Megan Fox

34 Kylie Jenner

35 Angelina Jolie

36 Meghan Markle

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