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Clever Tricks Food Photographers Use To Make Food Look Appetizing

by Qunki Team | others
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If you have ever come across the food that you simply tasted because of the pictures of the same that was taken then surely you are not aware of the tricks which photographers have used. Well, there have been many ads which you must have seen of mouth relishing food that looking delicious but when we eat it, it don’t just fulfill the expectations. Basically, it is the photographers creativity and idea like a burger that has the meat which looks as is the juice which is made in that way with the black polish that don’t necessary always look good on camera

1 Chicken is stuffed with paper towels

2 Engine oil instead of maple syrup

3 Liquid soap creates foam

4 A deodorant makes fruit shiny

5 Burger patties are colored with shoe polish

6 Incense is used to get steam over a hot dish.

7 Glycerin keeps seafood looking fresh

8 Glucose syrup for Chinese noodles

9 Sponge cake in the cake is laid with pieces of cardboard, and shaving cream is often used instead of cream.

10 Mashed potatoes instead of ice cream

11 Shaving cream instead of whipped cream

12 Glue instead of milk

13 Plastic ice cubes

14 Sparkling drinks with antacids

15 Sauces are prepared with wax

16 Steam is artificial

17 Exotic cocktails made from gelatin and dyes

18 Delicious tacos are made not from meat, but from makeup puffs

19 Painted with syrup, and traces of the grill are drawn with a marker

20 To keep the sandwiches, use duct tape, cardboard and toothpicks

21 Coloring Hamburger buns with brown shoe polish

22 Soap foam helps to achieve the effect of fresh milk with foam

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